Bolakoka was established to help change the orientation of celebrants towards Aso Ebi for their events. The solutions we provide in the Nigeria Textile Industry ensure that our clients do not tie down their personal funds for the purpose of Aso Ebi.

Our Aso Ebi platform is designed for those wishing to have a stress-free period when planning their events, without any worry about the quality of the fabrics used, debts that usually arise from prolonged or forgotten payments or the burden that comes with excess fabrics after the event is long gone. We are professional Aso Ebi planners with up-to-date information about trends in the industry.

Our packages are not only affordable, they will WOW you too. They come with the requested fabrics, packaging and favors. We take your Aso Ebi seriously, every amount your guests spend in getting dressed for your event is worth it.

We are very proud to have planned the Aso Ebi in the Nigeria Events industry for several celebrants, especially brides since we began in 2011.

Bolakoka Aso Ebi is dedicated to providing textiles for events, home and abroad. We possess the required ethics, skills and techniques needed to make every Aso Ebi plan a success. We hope to plan the Aso Ebi for your event soon.

To consistently portray Aso Ebi as a beautiful African culture to the rest of the world

– No Market Hassle
Once you pick your colours, fabrics, and tell your friends, you can leave the rest to us.

– Amazing Customer Service
One trial and you’ll surely be hooked

– No Worry About Deliveries
We deliver all over Nigeria and can even deliver to your friends overseas

– Guaranteed Fabric Quantity
No need to worry about the availability of your Aso Ebi fabrics and how to handle the usual last minute orders

– Surplus Inventory
We avoid fabric waste and left-overs after your event

Bolakoka Aso Ebi was founded in 2011 but became a registered enterprise in January 2012 by Bolatito Bayo-Puddicombe and she started by planning Aso Ebi for one of her friends who was in the United States but would be coming home to Nigeria for her Wedding. She noticed there were a lot of brides abroad who were coming to Nigeria to get married but had no idea how to sort out the logistics surrounding a key aspect of the event where their friends have to appear in a uniform clothing (Aso Ebi) at the wedding ceremony. This desire led her to setup an Aso Ebi online platform that offers support to intending brides and celebrants from any part of the world.

She eventually developed a website that has since shaped the textile experience of the users (celebrants, their friends and family etc). Most of the industry’s textile trade happened through physical engagement Рthe hustles and bustles of the famous fabric market in Lagos РBalogun, Lagos Island market, Lagos, Nigeria that were often very stressful and all-but-inaccessible to people without inside knowledge of the markets and financial means that the traders require when approached. With so few doorways to the textile market and so many interested young people, someone needed to bridge that gap and Bolakoka Aso Ebi did just that.

The online platform was launched in 2014. The plan was simple: provide your choice fabric colors, pick your fabric from our up-to-date catalogue with the latest professional methods and standards and your friends and family can start ordering the your Aso Ebi.