African Textiles (locally produced and culturally accepted) have communicated and expressed the culture, heritage, history and style of Africans from the 1800 to present day. From traditional attire to modernized African-inspired dashikis and dresses, the various African textiles have had an influence on the fashion industry.

Several African Countries are known for depth of diversity and richness of the textiles on the African continent which arise as a result of local manufacturing or cultural acceptance; Ankara, also known as the Dutch Wax or African wax print fabric is known as Kitenge in the country of Burundi, the handwoven Bogolan textile from the country of Mali, the handwoven fabric from the Ndebele of South Africa and Liberia, the Kente cloth from Ghana and so much more which portray an eclectic canvas of art expressed in the tying of headwraps and gorgeous attires.

African Textiles are all these and more.

Bolakoka was established to celebrate this mix- through Nigeria and Africa’s Textile art and craft.

Our vision is to get the world to experience the diversity of African Textile.

Established in 2012, Bolakoka is poised to provide unequalled expertise and superior quality. Our products and services come with a unique promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence and world-class services. Through research and innovation, we are pleased to bring you textiles, ready-to-wear and textile information to portray and sustain the heritage and culture of African Textiles.