Bolakoka’s founder ventured into the business of African fabrics in 2008 as a youth corps member in Jigawa state, Nigeria; a mandatory one-year service for every Nigerian graduate. This national assignment often came with excess time in her place of primary assignment which she decided to put to better use by reselling African fabrics – Ankara, Brocade and Wax. She sold to her colleagues, corps members, government & private workers – especially bank staff in the city of Dutse, Jigawa. After her service year, she returned to Lagos in 2009 to re-position the business to address the Aso Ebi culture by providing uniform/group fabrics for parties and eventually registered the business as Bolakoka Aso Ebi Ventures on January 31, 2012, to provide an Affordable Convenient and Trusted platform for online shopping of Aso Ebi, Fabrics and Afrocentrics.

The business has grown to provide a wide array of solutions in the Textile industry;
1. Aso Ebi – Families, Bride & Groom squads, Social Groups, Product Distributors, Celebrants, Group of friends etc
2. Side Hustle – Distributors and Drop-shippers for Ankara Textile – Ankara Fabrics, Ankara Craft and Stationery.
3. Afrocentric – Garments, Bags & Purses, Footwear, Journals, Souvenir etc
4. School – History, Training, Educators, Kits etc