“The more you know of YOUR HISTORY the more liberated you are” – Maya Angelou

When the scarcity of Forex pervaded Nigeria in 2014, as a textile organisation which had 80% of its fabric stock imported we knew we had to restructure our strategy in order to serve our customers what we promise. We searched for other local fabric options apart from the popularly imported ones such as Lace. This led to the discovery of an arsenal of textiles MADE, WORN and CELEBRATED by Africans and Non-African. Early expressions of African Textiles can be found in international museums today, but the art is gradually dying in the places where they originate from. It became essential for us to gather and organise these information into a directory to document the rich heritage and tradition of the work our forefathers did on clothing as they tilled the land and sharing the real stories behind the textiles some of which are not originally from Africa’s shores but are now tagged ‘African Fabrics’ e.g. Ankara, Dutch Wax and African Lace. In our own little way, we want to use this knowledge to revamp the Nigerian textile industry especially manufacturing through our African Textile School.

MY FABRIC, MY HERITAGE is a platform to teach the heritage, manufacturing processes, and traditions that will empower you with knowledge and skills from African Textiles.

This project is a kick to revamp the Nigerian textile industry to improve the value of our knowledge, economy, and create infrastructure for jobs and sustainable development. The textile industry can create jobs for over 1,000,000 Nigerians and improve the economy of Nigeria to a large degree.

Let’s break boundaries and try out some of our native textiles – Adire, Batik, A’nger, Aso Oke etc which make an amazing appeal in whatever form they are used – Aso Ebi, Furniture, Stationery, Interior Decoration etc

We invite you to join our team as we document our history and the sustainability of our rich heritage as Bolakoka presents an African Textile School with a detailed curriculum that will shape the industry. You will be thoroughly amazed at the knowledge, wealth and opportunities that abound with African Textiles.

Find out more about your favorite textiles and also discover the rich tapestry of African Textiles in store.

Bolatito Bayo-Puddicombe
Creative Director/Founder, The Bolakoka Company
African Fabrics Mean Business!

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