Bolakoka meets NHN

Say NHN and you will see Nkechi Harry Ngonadi, a woman supporting other women, blazing a trail in the fashion industry, a senior boss lady with virtue, high morals and savvy business skills. Get to know more about her from

About a year ago, as we began to explore how to position the business in the textile and fabric industry and solve some of the business challenges we were facing, we stumbled on @nhn_couture on Instagram. We were not such fans initially but we just kept following her. The first shock was when she threw out details of one of her fabric suppliers…who does that?

Another shock was when she said she wanted to meet 20, but later changed to 50 ladies in the fabric business. Ehn ehn … how do you just keep opening yourself up for people to see…don’t you know you will be vulnerable? At that point we remembered the scripture, a general principle that works for anyone, “if you want to receive, you must give”. That is it! We thought his woman is blessed and arrangements were made to meet her and greet her.

The meeting was slated for exactly 10.00am and the Bolakoka team was represented by Mrs Bolatito Bayo-Puddicombe, the Creative Director and Founder of Bolakoka. She told the team afterwards that she took along a token. She was not going to greet this wonderful woman empty handed or miss any moment with her. She gracefully gave every lady present a hug with the widest smiles and had brought in two guest speakers, Pastor (Mrs) Adaeze Ezeka and Pastor (Mrs) Iphy Okonkwo who blew their minds away…baring it all on how marriage and entrepreneurship work hand-in-hand. The trio shared timeless virtues. She could not stop writing in her cute NHN notepad! There was so much to eat in the lovely atmosphere, members of the NHN couture team ensured that everyone was comfortable. The paparazzi was something else, NHN wore all kinds of smiles, she posed and kept posing. It was exciting to be around her. Deep down we sensed the out pour of blessings on the NHN brand.

Some of the take aways from that meeting include:

“In every labour, there is profit. Women need to co-operate more”

“A merchant’s ship comes in and goes out loaded. Be loaded emotionally so that you don’t tear down what you have built.”

“When you walk with God, you will be sensitive to every thing that happens in your life.”

“Live healthy. A woman’s assignment is too important for her to spend it in weakness, especially physical weakness.”

“Never make failure an option especially when it comes to your marriage.”

” God must be first in your business. Don’t run another person’s business down”

“Have a blueprint for your business. Work hard and invest in people. Keep improving your knowledge”

“Don’t use emotions to fight spiritual battles. Get into quality relationship with God”

“Be yourself. Don’t copy. Find out what works for you and stay focused on that.”

I’m not just a fan of the NHN brand now, but also a proud fanbox and a boss lady with virtue!

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