When we got the brief for Ejiro and Ebuwa’s Wedding colors, we knew that it was going to be such an exciting journey for everyone. Ejiro picked her Aso Ebi fabric from our inventory instantly and the Aso Oke designs were specially prepared to give subtle Aso Oke colors to fit each category of the Aso Ebi.

Ejiro & Ebuwa Weddings 3

Ejiro and Ebuwa wanted their friends to be uniquely dressed and they played such wonderful role as a couple in ensuring that happened without their friends having to break the bank.

Ejiro & Ebuwa Weddings 1
Ejiro & Ebuwa Weddings 2

The Aso Ebi colours for the wedding were Ice Blue and Bubble Gum Pink. The Pink Color was highlighted more for the ladies than for the men who had just a touch of pink on their caps and hats. Their friends stepped out in Aso Ebi Styles 2016. It was not a dull moment at all.

Ejiro & Ebuwa Weddings 4
Ejiro & Ebuwa Weddings 5

We pay full attention to details at Bolakoka and we help bring out the best in couples who come to us so as to ensure that everything about your Aso Ebi is bright and beautiful! The guys are never left out when you plan with us you know.

Thank you Ejiro and Ebuwa for making us part of your Big Day.

Many thanks to the amazing Chioma Sylvie who hooked us up with the couple; Chioma is always recommending us. We are gratful for our many ambassadors who trust us. You are part of our success story at Bolakoka.
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