At Bolakoka, African Fabrics Mean Business!

With planning Aso Ebi otherwise known as uniform cloth, we want you to enjoy a stress-free period through the concept design, production & sourcing, packaging & customisation and delivery. With Bolakoka Aso Ebi, you have nothing thing to worry about!

African Textiles should move beyond primary use as traditional wears only, but include a wider afrocentric fashion value chain -corporate & casual wears, bags, purses, footwear, craft, stationery, souvenir etc. With Fabrikana, the expressions for African fabric designs are limitless!

The information about African fabrics, especially the history is not adequately documented or straightforward. We will educate you about each fabric so that you are informed about what you wear and even become empowered by them too. The African textile school has an array of information to guide learners as young as 5 years. My fabric My heritage platform by Bolakoka is putting African textiles on the learning map.

Being able to empower others with Ankara designs is close to our heart seeing that our business began by selling just two Ankara fabrics. We are committed to helping you fuel a hustle in selling Ankara fabrics through Bolakoka’s SABI – Start Ankara Business Initiative.