Sometimes Laces come with little expectations but what we make out of them can completely change what would have been the thought of the Lace Fabric designer.

Our customer is seen wearing our 3D-Lace with a complete total transformation. Owambe Look Breakdown has the following details to give you about how she created this look from that Lace.

Customer used a deeper shade (royal purple) of the onion-colored petals as the underlay for her gown
The Lace Fabric has a quiet grey net background and grey embroidery with petals in Onion (mauve) and yellow colors
and a deeper shade of the yellow petals (mustard) instead of normal yellow for her shoes. The Swarovski crystals on the shoes were a match with the fabric.

Our customer enjoys a low key, quiet and humble lifestlye and this look reflects her personality which she loved very much.

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