The Atiku Fabric

Atiku is a cotton fabric for men manufactured in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, China that has become culturally accepted in Nigeria and used to depict the clothing tradition of Nigerians and Africans.

The Atiku fabric comes with structured weaving and fine stripes. It is named after Vice-President of Nigeria, Abubakar Atiku (1999 – 2007) who popularised it. Mostly worn by men to work on Fridays as is now popularly seen in the Nigerian corporate space and at several occasions; now referred to as Nigerian Atiku.

Atiku began its launch into the African male styles market with calm and neutral colours like sky blue, beige/carton colour, white, ivory/cream, grey, off-white, pastel yellow. It has now expanded its scope to contain bright colours like peach, aquamarine, teal, lilac, brown etc as African men are now beginning to play with more colors.

Styling your Atiku Fabric: It can be completed with Aso Oke caps, hats, sunglasses, coral beads, wristbands, necklaces and mufflers. Be sure to enhance the tailoring of your Atiku fabric with good embroidery stitches, this completes the look that African men love.
If you desire to make a top and bottom, you need only 5 yards of the fabric no matter how tall you are. If you desire to have a boubou, otherwise called ‘agbada’ in Nigerian parlance, you will require 10 yards of Atiku fabric.

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